Crown Sea Salt Limited

We have been in existence since 2002, developing cool and innovative traditional sea salt products. Coincidentally, the founding of the company took place at the time of a resurgence of interest in Ghana, of salt as a potential major foreign exchange earner.   

This resurgence is, in part, thanks to a growing worldwide interest in the value of traditional sea salt. It is also thanks to concerted effort by the growing community of producers and small businesses in Ghana, dedicated to spreading the word around the world of this great natural resource.

Through this site we hope to acquaint you with the company, what it stands for, our products and introduce you to a fascinating world of salt, facts and health. 

Natural sea salt is our passion. A permanent feature of our identify.  A standard we will not and can not compromise.

We are committed to providing all our customers with the finest quality, healthy salt, provide the best working environment for our employees and be quality and valued members of the communities we are privileged to work in.

We would love if you could be a part of helping us to grow.