Aerial View of Current Concession (before the upgrade and modernisation)

Actual Current Concession

Re-designed by the internationally renowned salt consultants, Cox & Speller (UK), our first salt works (coincidentally named “Apam Saltworks Number 1”), is a pre-existing site, custodially owned by the town of Apam, that we have refurbished and modernised to maximise production output and minimise costs.

With sea water flowing in naturally from the adjoining lagoon, that acts as a boundary between the site and the Atlantic Ocean, we have ensured there is maximum gravitational flow at the lower levels of salinity, mechanically re-lifting only the lower volume, higher value (concentrated) brine as and when necessary.

This ensures that our production is efficient at all times, enabling us to pass the benefits on to our customers by giving them lower, more competitive pricing.


CSSL_Apam Design Layout_Current