Natural Sea Salt – Our Pride and Our Promise

salt in hands

Natural sea salt production goes back thousands of years. There are various significant advantages to using traditionally harvested sea salt:

Flavor Advantage

Comparing natural sea salt  to industrially processed salts, in which most everything except the sodium chloride is stripped out, it provides a distinct taste advantage. A little of both on the tip of your tongue and you will notice that the flavor of natural sea salt is strong without being harsh, offering a more even bouquet of flavors to your food. Industrially processed (refined) salts tend to be harsh and sometimes metallic with a very narrow flavor profile. 

One can actually taste the difference between sea salt harvested in different areas due to variation in mineral content.

Mineral Content

Natural salt contains over 80 different elements that are found in seawater. While some are in trace amounts, others such as magnesium, calcium and potassium are found in significant levels. Mineral content is important for two reasons:

  • Health – The benefits of natural products compared to refined, are generally recognized. Salt is no different. Why use a salt that has been refined to take out all the elements necessary to a healthy human body without any benefits in return?

  • Flavor – As mentioned above, the various elements in the salt are what allow it to bring out superior flavor in foods.

 Environmental Benefits

Natural sea salt is harvested manually, without the aid of machinery or fossil fuels. In addition, salt ponds are unique in that they provide a product while at the same time a space for wildlife, especially for migratory bird populations.

 Socio-economic Benefits

When you purchase our salt you are supporting small-scale, individual producers that in many cases have been harvesting salt for decades. The increasing prominence of industrial production methods has led to the threat of losing this century-old tradition. Fortunately, the discovery that all salt is not equal is helping to reverse this trend. Our product speaks for itself and it’s superiority over industrially processed salts both in mineral content and taste is unquestionable.